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Just a day after winning their first ever ice hockey game in their debut, the Falkland Islands stay 2-0 at the Copa Invernada tournament in Chile, defeating Kotaix from the host nation for the 14-3 victory.

Led again by Ryan Bahl, easily the top player in the tournament, the new hockey country with just under 3000 residents made easy work to take the victory. The win came just a day after their first ever victory, an 8-2 clubbing of Santiago Yetis.

Friday, however, came even easier. By the end of the first period (in a game featuring just two periods and 3-on-3 action), the Islands recorded their second straight win after taking the 9-2 lead after a period of action alone. Made up of players who, for the most part, never took part in an ice hockey game before this weekend, the Falkland Islands have already clinched a spot in the finals against the Rio Grande Dragones from Argentina on Sunday. They both coincidentally will play their final preliminary round games as a tuneup on Saturday, with both teams heading in with undefeated records.

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